Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders is Everyone’s Job!

An important goal of the Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Association is to inspire tomorrow’s leaders. These leaders are a diverse group of people from all ages and backgrounds. Our goal here is to provide PRA members and prospective members with information to develop and enhance a career in the world of rehabilitation. Careers in rehabilitation can include counseling, support services, education and administration. Career opportunities abound in the public and private sectors, and our members can be found in for-profit, non-profit and government organizations.

We are dedicated to assisting students, those currently employed in rehabilitation and those considering such a career to learn about our profession, accreditation, ethics, and the various professional certifications and educational options. Ultimately, those we serve and our profession itself benefit from members who are dedicated to the highest principles and engage in a process of professional advocacy and continuous education.

PRA also nurtures and supports tomorrow’s leaders by providing a professional association where members can learn, network and advocate for excellence in rehabilitation services. Annual awards made to graduate and undergraduate student leaders as well as the Dr. Ralph Pacinelli Leadership Award attest to our efforts to nurture and support the leaders of tomorrow. Welcome!