Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Association

Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Association
State Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association

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This page has all of the contact information and organizational breakdown of PRA so that you may reach out to the correct person.  PRA has a board of directors and within that board, an executive team.  The executive officers would be the best individuals to contact if you are looking for general information about PRA, however anyone below can assist.  If you have a question regarding the website itself, please direct those questions to Doug Rand, PRA webmaster.


PRA Board of Directors, 2014

Executive Officers


Sue Soderberg, MS, Senior Vice President
Workforce Development
Goodwill Keystone Area
Work: (717) 394-0647

First Vice President

Marisa E. Pelto, Area Manager
Work: (412) 381-3313 x 55001

Second Vice President

Ashlee McKeon, MS, CRC
University of Pittsburgh
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Dept. of Rehab Science and Technology
Phone: (716) 400-1058


Will Stennett
Work: (412) 447 – 0128 x151


Janell Shaffer-Yoder, M.A., C.R.C., LPC
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Work E-mail:

Past President

Rebecca Spirito Dalgin, Ph.D., C.R.C.
University of Scranton
Department of Counseling and Human Services
Work: (570) 941-7819

 Current 2014 PRA Board Members


Seth G. Acosta, MS, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Rehabilitation Consultant
The Sierra Group
Work: (610) 992-0288 ext 113

Liza Conyers, PhD. CRC, LPC, Associate Professor
Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling and Special Education
Pennsylvania State University
Work: (814) 863-6115

Terry Dailey, MA, CRC, LPC
Leslie Vocational Consulting (Private VR)
Private Cell: (717) 809-0627
Private E-mail:

Maureen F. Fairbanks
Human Resources Specialist
Capital BlueCross
717 541 6030


Allen Nelson Lewis, Jr., Ph.D., CRC, Associate Professor
Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology
University of Pittsburgh

Douglas Rand, M.S., C.R.C., OWDS
OVR- Blindness & Visual Services, Assistant District Adminstrator
Work: (570) 826-2361 x 226
Work E-mail:

Jeffrey E. Seabury, Sr

Brandon M. Stirpe, MS
Pre-Doctoral Fellow
Dept. of Rehabilitation Science & Technology
Rehabilitation Counseling
University of Pittsburgh


David J. Baum, MS, CRC

LaKeysha McLaurin

Judy Pena

Ralph Roach
Business Services and Outreach Division Chief
PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation