Please cast your vote in our 2019 PRA Board Members-at-Large election. See attached link to NRA site for our new electronic web based election. We are so thrilled to have 5 well qualified candidates from which 4 you can choose.

Annually PRA conducts a Board Member-at-Large election in November per By-Laws to elect four new members to serve a three year term. Each year we have four members who terms expires and the need for one Executive Board member to serve as PRA’s 2nd Vice President. The 2nd V.P. per PRA By-Laws and past practice is on the trajectory to be the PRA President in three years.  All these positions offer an opportunity for you to develop leadership skills, and to network both in PRA, NRA and the mid-Atlantic region (MAR).

Link to vote for PRA Board Members-at-Large   View at:  2019 PRA Elections and Nominees Screen Shot for Board Members

MAR is also in the process of selecting a  officers. Please review the current post and links to NRA to vote for the next MAR Board.

Information on the PRA elections and links for NRS to vote for all active NRA/PRA is posted on the PRA social media pages. If you experience any technical ro accessibility issues please contact James Liin @ NRA for assistance. Phone: 703-836-0850 ext 302 | Fax: 703-836-0848