Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Association

Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Association
State Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association


Photo from Aug 20, 2013

NRA Annual Training Conference, Brooklyn, NY–August, 2013
(Janell Shaffer-Yoder, Seth Acosta, Carl Marshall, Janet Fiore, Rebecca Spirito-Dalgin)

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The Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Association (PRA) is committed to the advancement of rehabilitation to promote full inclusion of people with disabilities into the mainstream of our society. PRA is pleased to offer our community the opportunity to learn about issues in disability and rehabilitation, and to become empowered to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. PRA is a private, voluntary, membership association comprised of professionals from a variety of disciplines, persons with disabilities, their families, students, and other interested citizens

It is the purpose of PRA to:

  • Promote the development of best practices in the delivery of rehabilitation services to people with disabilities
  • Educate our community about disability
  • Advocate for the public policy to support full inclusion of people with disabilities in our society
  • Encourage and foster the recruitment, professional growth, and retention of qualified, competent, dedicated personnel in the field of rehabilitation.